Kid In The Background, Inc.

Raleigh County Community Action Association – Video – Web Design project

Raleigh County Community Action Association

Kid In The Background Inc recently established a partnership with the Raleigh County Community Action Association.  RCCAA’s motto is  “Helping People Help Themselves” – and they achieve this through a multitude of programs that help Raleigh County citizens attain economic and social self sufficiency.  Our goal at Kid In The Background was simple:  ‘Make sure that people in the community are informed about RCCAA’s programs and have access to information they need when they need help’.  We decided to to produced a visually unique, yet functional and informative website, as well as a video series highlighting each of the programs at RCCAA.  We developed the burlap concept you see here, and used it to convey the purpose of each RCCAA Program, while helping users navigate visually throughout the website.  Each video incorporates motion graphics with employee interviews, testimonials, and footage of the programs at work.