Graphic Design

Modern marketing is quite the phenomenon. Most small businesses don’t have access to the same tools and techniques that are implemented by major corporations. Crappy burger franchises get multi-million $$$ ad campaigns to drive customers their way – while your gourmet sandwich shop sits unnoticed. NOT FAIR!!!!
Graphic Design - Kid In The Background Inc.
Kid In The Background Inc will perform extensive market research, and take many important details into consideration before we start on your project. We want your company to have the same edge as the big boys.

Graphic Design with your BRAND in Mind!


By working with Kid In The Background, you can trust that any set of hands that touches your project are the hands of an individual who was an ARTIST FIRST – before ever considering a career in advertising.  That being said, you can trust that our graphic designers approach your project from an aesthetic standpoint – creating a perfect setting for what is most important, YOUR MESSAGE. Every design is created from a blank slate, and features all original artwork and images.  No more stock photography – No more generic templates – Your design will be ONE OF A KIND and yours forever!

Time for @KITBmedia to Design with your Brand in Mind?


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